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At Sino Lanka Power Gen (SLPG), we make solar possible for businesses, property owners, and more.

A joint venture between Sino Lanka & Atman Group, spearheaded by Bob Kundanmal, Nathan Sivagananathan, Dhiren Kundanmal, Mahela Jayawardena, and Kumar Sangakkara; we bring to you innovative commercial and utility-scale solar.

This strategic alliance - Atman Group’s experience in the last 5 years within the renewable energy sector includes solar project investments both locally and internationally and Sino Lanka’s expertise in developing scalable projects in various industries - enables us to offer you energy solutions that not only last but also helps you in taking that step towards being a sustainable business.

We also understand what can go wrong in solar installation across its lifetime. We ensure that our design and selection of material mitigates any such issues. We also take care of our installation to protect the asset and ensure it is free from any risk

Ground Mounting System

Solar Carport

Flat Roof Mounting System



25 years guarantee for solar panels

10 years guarantee for invertors

Weather resistant European cables

Daily monitoring & weekly reporting

48-hour turnaround time for repairs

Readily available spares

Non-compromised safety standards

Risk freereturn


Board of Directors

Doris Jordan

Design Expert

Johnny Ramirez

Design Expert

Diana Wagner

Design Expert

Harry Garrett

Design Expert


Iroshan Wickremasinghe Bsc Eng (Hons) Head of Engineering

  • Solar design expert with more than 9 years of experience in renewable energy.
  • Involved in first ever utility scale rooftop solar project and project manager of the largest rooftop solar project in Sri Lanka.
  • Handled over 15 Mw of rooftop solar installation.

Ishara De Silva NDT (Mechanical), AMIESL Engineer – Project

  • Rooftop solar project specialist with over 7 years of experience in Solar system.
  • Has been involved in over 20Mw of installation.

M M Hafiz Saleem Bsc Eng (Hons) Engineer – Project

  • Engineering expert with over 5 years of experience.
  • Has been involved in over 10 Mw of installation.

Shiran Cooray


    Head of Finance

    Finance and accounting specialist with over 12 years of experience.

Piyumi Chathurika

  • Bsc Eng (Hons)

    Engineer - Design

    A designing specialist with over 3 years of experience is solar system designing.

Danith Eragama

  • BSc (Hons)

    Engineer - Project

    Solar PV specialist with over 3 years of experience.

Pravin Pieris

  • Bsc Business Administration

    Head of Operations

    Operational experts with over 9 years of working experience including infrastructure projects.

Vasanth Sithambaranathan


    Manager Strategy

    Strategy specialist with over 7 years of experience including M&A.

Aehshaan Burah

  • BA (Hons) B.Mgt & Law

    Legal/Compliance officer

    Compliance expert with over 4 years of experience.

Harikaran Sivananthan

  • ACCA, CFA (completed level 1)

    Financial Analyst

    Numbers specialist with over 5 years of experience.

Our Services

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Providing solar panels, solar panel installation services
$45.00 / per mo Basic
Repair & Maintenance
24/7 Skilled Support
Energy Monitoring System
Charge Controllers
Solar As A Service
$60.00 / per mo Popular
Repair & Maintenance
24/7 Skilled Support
Energy Monitoring System
Charge Controllers
Solar As A Service
$85.00 / per mo Premium
Repair & Maintenance
24/7 Skilled Support
Energy Monitoring System
Charge Controllers
Solar As A Service

benefits of solar

Committed to our environmental impact

The systems installed in 2020 will generate 22,360,800 kWh of solar electricity in 2021

122,360,800 0
kWh of Solar Electricity

Carbon Offset

Saved 804,571,440 miles driven That's to the moon and back!

Coal Offset

Saved 359,707,185 lb coal burned That's 1,799 train cars!

Deforestation Offset

Saved 5,444,468 trees killed That's 11,992 acres!

Our services

We manage the details so you don’t have to!

Monitoring Asset Health

By assessing component's electrical and mechanical health including signal trending and downtime.

Increasing Production

By identifying what is the optimum performance and whether the asset is achieving said standard.

Manage Financial and Technical Risk

through energy yield reforecasting, repowering, hybridization assessment and life extension potential.

Enhance Domain Expertise

by continuous knowledge transfer and providing our client the deepest understanding of solar system.

Capital Infusion

to eliminate budget limitations resulting in underperformance of mismanagement of solar system.

benefits of solar

Avoid Outages

Add battery storage to your solar power system to access clean solar energy, even when the sun goes down, rates go up, or power outages roll through your area.

Count On Savings

Take control of your power. With our proprietary AI monitoring platform, you can track system performance so you can count on savings before the bill arrives.

Boost Your Impact

Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is both clean and renewable—a better solution for your business, your community, and the environment.

Earn More

Planning to sell? Solar-powered businesses can earn more, and generate steady income throughout the year.


We at SLPG understand what the most pertinant problems that any roof owner can face when it comes to purchasing a solar pV system. After thorough research and interviewing numerous installers and customers alike we identified these as the 5 recurring issues faced by any roof owner.

Limited capacity for system optimization

Hidden performance issues.

Outsourced designing.

Limited budget and resources.

Our proprietary monitoring platform together provides an overview of system performance and health at a glance and management platform to maintain an active action plan for continuous improvement and tracking KPIs including:

Continuous comparison of system performance against climatic conditions to differentiate between system faults and weather triggered performance deviations.

Detailed performance review to immediately identify under performing products and take remedial action to restore performance.

Continuous assessment of asset health including panels, inverters and switchgear to foresee future challenges and optimize maintenance schedules for increase performance, safety and reliability.

Our proprietary software will predict the required preventive and corrective maintenance by using AI and big data. The software will take into consideration the internal plant factors as well as external environmental factors daily to suggest the level of maintenance required to optimize energy generation.


Renewable Investments

Smart Micro Grid Solutions

Floating Solar

Monitoring and Maintenance